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What is Satsang?

I’d like to take a moment to give a little explanation of what I feel true Satsang is, because to me it isn’t an environment where an audience sit at the feet of the teacher looking for all the answers, which is what some people might expect if they are thinking of coming to a Satsang. The meaning and purpose of Satsang to me, is that it is a space where good company, kind and open, come to rest safely in the heart of Presence, to explore, discover and rest in the Truth of their being – A group of friends willing to be in the unknown, so that the light of Truth may reveal itself to itself in the form of us all. I am here as an anchor, a friend in service to those who come together. Questions may be asked and answered, for sure, but we come together as profound equals, as life itself.

The invitation is therefore to bring the whole of ourselves, even the tightest contractions, the darkest emotions, the most painful circumstances, can be doorways to liberation. When we have the courage to be fully present in the open awareness of the totality of our experience we stand at the edge of the known, and it is here that we may be Graced with the courage to move beyond it, to give ourselves deeply to an authentic movement towards the unknown, falling into the Ground of Being – A vertical dive deep into the core of who we are and into the core of our shared Reality.

Satsang is an opportunity to unravel what may stand in the way of us living consciously as our True Nature, to take a good honest look at what we may be running from or holding on to and to ask ourself if we are willing to embrace the totality of life, as it really is. Held in the safety of the space, you are welcomed into a tender yet direct and radically honest conversation, rooted in integrity. There is time for inquiry, dialogue, silent sitting, and guided meditation.

Payment is totally optional and by donation, there is absolutely no obligation to pay anything and some people don’t because all they can afford is their travel, others give generously so that everything is covered for those who can’t contribute and to help towards the next Satsang. All food and drink is provided.

I look forward to being with you,

Jeannie xxx

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