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Satsang this weekend in Shropshire, UK

Satsang this weekend in Shropshire, UK

Beautiful friends, I am writing to let you know that there will be SATSANG this weekend in Shropshire, UK.

You are welcome to arrive on Saturday 22nd November for 10am and Satsang will close at 5pm on Sunday 23rd November.

The invitation for this gathering is therefore to bring the whole of ourselves, even the tightest contractions, the darkest emotions, the most painful circumstances, can be doorways to liberation. When we have the courage to be fully present in the open awareness of the totality of our experience we stand at the edge of the known, and it is here that we may be Graced with the courage to move beyond it, to give ourselves deeply to an authentic movement towards the unknown, falling into the Ground of Being – A vertical dive deep into the core of who we are and into the core of our shared Reality.

This will be the last Satsang in Shropshire this year.

Payment is totally optional and by donation, there is absolutely no obligation to pay anything and some people don’t because all they can afford is their travel, others give generously so that everything is covered for those who can’t contribute and to help towards the next Satsang. All food and drink is provided.

There is limited accommodation and a list of some very lovely bed and breakfast places nearby will be provided for those that drive or would prefer that.

More info on the link below:…/The+Heart+of+Silence++Weekend+Sat…

I look forward to being with you,

Jeannie xxx

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