Vital Aliveness

An impossible intimacy

An impossible intimacy

Only thought says whether what’s happening in life is welcome or unwelcome, or whether it is good, OK or awful. Whether we are fulfilling our potential, or if we could do better.

In reality, we are simply engulfed with whatever wave there is here. It may not always always be pleasurable, but in the absence of thoughts about displeasure or pleasure, of welcoming, or acceptance, or rejection, or even of the perfection of it all, there is simply the majesty of this very moment.

I see now that just as to reject and moan, to exclaim perfection somehow distances us from the totality of this experience. Perfection is here, but the perfection is not a thought.

Life is held by a profound, unwavering silence, and to be this in all circumstance brings a a deep peace in the heart, a profound rest, an impossible intimacy.

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