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Surrender to the Unknown – a conversation with Grace Bubeck

Surrender to the Unknown – a conversation with Grace Bubeck

Hello everyone…. Life has begun to turn towards to a conversation I have planned with Grace Bubeck on Sunday as part of a series of conversations on the theme of ‘Living from Love’….. and I’d like to let you know that you are all invited!!

We plan to explore how surrendering to the unknown reality of life, though it might feel frightening existentially, may actually be the portal to ultimate safety. True surrender releases the contracted grip of fear based control that we think we have, and need, in our lives. It is here, as we stand at the edge of the known, that we may be graced with the courage to move beyond it, giving ourselves deeply to an authentic movement towards the unknown, falling into the Ground of Being; fully present in open awareness to the totality of ourselves, to the Truth of this eternal moment.

Join us for this free, live, online conversation at 11 am PDT, 2 pm EDT, 7 pm UK, 8 pm Europe.

Watch live on YouTube, and ask questions or comment on the YouTube comment thread. Or join us on the Google hangout live and interact with us directly!

More details, including the link for the live broadcast and for joining the hangout, at

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