Vital Aliveness

This is radical presence

This is radical presence

With awareness and inquiry (which rather than an activity carried out with the mind, is an investigation undertaken with our entire being), we possess the tools with which we may undergo a timeless process of realising, understanding, and dissolving conditioning and belief.

In being fully here, present in this current experience as the fullness of it, there is no lingering in the memory of what has been nor is there the dreading of what might come. Past and future events may appear in consciousness, within this ever present reality, but are clearly seen as an innocent element of the content within the current experience, rather than something to believe. There is no resistance or attachment or identity to the content of the mind.

This freedom from mental commentary releases the suffering mechanism and enables us to dwell within this eternal moment, residing in the natural state of being; with no knowledge of, and therefore identification with, an imagined separate individual. There is simply the fullness of this. Life.

This is radical presence.

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